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Having access to a dedicated team of R&D Tax Incentive specialists can help transform your business. Our R&D Tax services are designed to identify opportunities sooner and maximise your financial outcome. Let our expert team of R&D Tax professionals take you step-by-step through the process, simply.

Your complete R&D Tax management solution.

Say goodbye to outdated, tedious and stagnant methods of traditional R&D Tax management and say hello to a management solution reimagined to work with you and designed to maximise your return, while maintaining a strict level of compliance.

Supporting innovation

Research and development is a critical step in innovation, and the R&D Tax Incentive is a significant driver of innovation in Australia. So take advantage of our expertise. We can guide you through the process and optimise your return.


Flexible R&D Tax support.

With a collaborative approach to our services, Clearpoint Ventures is here to work with you and your accountant, not against. With a background in the tech and science industries, combined with in-house legal IP and clinical trial expertise, we are able to understand your business and expertly know the intricacies of what you can claim – maximising returns and minimising risk.

We offer cost-effective solutions that save you time.

We only do R&D Tax.

We do R&D Tax so you can focus on what you do best. You can rely on Clearpoint Ventures to optimise your claim and benefits so you can get a better return, stay compliant and maximise your team’s productivity.

We know the R&D Tax Incentive intimately. It’s ‘our’ every day. We also have a passion to help businesses uncover, pursue and actualise their true potential with our solution-based services. With you and your exisiting partners, we can manage your R&D Tax Incentive claim and help to maximise your return, minimise risk and tap into unexplored business opportunities.

An audit can rain on your parade of free government kickbacks. So wouldn’t you prefer to be prepared? We can help you be compliant-ready meaning you’ve got a system in place to capture and record your company’s R&D Tax activities and expenditure related to those activities.

Clearpoint Ventures can manage your entire R&D requirements so that you have greater productivity within your team and less time stuck recording and reporting.

Our team become your trusted R&D Tax advisor and soundboard, working as an integral part of your team to produce the R&D Tax outcomes needed so you can keep your eye on the bigger picture.

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