Real case studies.

An Australian biological therapies company VivaZome 

The challenge 

Assess the company’s business research processes and projects to assess eligibility for R&D Tax Incentive. 

Clearpoint Ventures Solution 

  • Identification of eligible R&D research; 
  • Streamlining of processes; 
  • Maximisation of the R&D Tax Incentive benefits. 

Researching and developing proprietary manufacturing technology processes for high-value exosome products, VivaZome discovered their company needed alternative expert advice to maximise their Research & Development (R&D) Tax Incentive claim. This meant they could continue to invest even more in research and improving their specialised therapies. 

Like many biotechnology companies, they provided the team at Clearpoint Ventures with their current R&D Tax relatable activities. With their focus set on their innovative projects and developments, VivaZome needed an expert to oversee their current R&D Tax claim as it was easy to overlook R&D when it’s simply second nature. 

In conversations regarding their R&D Tax activities, Clearpoint Ventures expert R&D Tax advisor identified the potential to increase VivaZome’s R&D Tax claim. The Clearpoint Ventures team then assessed the company’s whole business processes and projects, enabling them to receive a sizeable R&D claim. 

Clearpoint Ventures’ R&D team assists in the identification of eligible R&D projects, streamlining the process and maximising R&D Tax Incentive claims so that companies can focus on developing the ideas and products and processes that Australia (and the world) needs. 

If you believe your company may have activities that could qualify for the R&D Tax Incentive, or if you would like to know more, then please get in contact with the Clearpoint Ventures team for a free consultation.