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Recently Dr. Pavel Reddy from Clearpoint Ventures has done a great job for me to sort out my R&D Tax incentive. I was very impressed by his professional knowledge and carefulness. He corrected my mistakes and got a lot more tax benefits for my company Qiankang Life Science Melbourne R&D Centre. I strongly recommend his service.
Ben Gu
Florey Research Fellow ARC Future Fellow
Pavel was engaged by VivaZome Therapeutics to manage and maximise our R&D Tax rebate. He was diligent, professional and got us a great result. And he was a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended.
Craig Newton
Director at Kynetyka Technologies Pty Ltd
Dr Pavel Reddy is one of the most effervescent, professional and devoted Business Mentors and R&D specialists I have come across. His generosity and spirit is second to none; always at the ready to devote his time, knowledge and expertise to the business community. He has been instrumental in progressing the pathway to success for those aspiring to drive innovative and sustainable change. It is a privilege to continue to work with Pavel as the Australian startup ecosystem continues to evolve and mature.
Eleni Nott
Innovation and Growth Manager at Ume Co
Executive Advisor at Birdview Investments
I was kindly & gratefully introduced to Pavel via a colleague and was impressed by his skills and knowledge of our Cosmetic, Personal Care & Homecare Industry and engaged with him to speak at a Seminar for The Startup Collective where he was able to speak to startups on the do's & donts with R&D Tax. Pavel & Joel both were very impressive and the group learnt alot! I recently completed my R&D Tax portion with Pavel & the Clearpoint Team and he was thorough, strict and very easy to deal with. Walked me through the process and took the burden of the process off my hands as time was an asset I didn't have! I was very successful in my return thanks to Pavel and I would Highly recommend Pavel to assist any individual or company that is in need of R&D Tax assistance.
Rita Sellars
PH Factors
From the moment I met Pavel, I knew that he would be a great mentor. His advice, direction and connecting me to his network has been invaluable. He manages to trust you and gain your trust at the same time. Pavel is an asset in your network.
Michelle Low
Dr. Pavel is a great mentor and has given me invaluable career advice as well as connected me to individuals in his network. He is very kind and always willing to help whenever and wherever possible. He truly goes above and beyond. Pavel is a great connection to have.
Carmen Verdeyen
Siemens Healthineers
Pavel was a pleasure to work with and gave exemplary advice and service. His assistance was invaluable as we navigated the challenging world of R&D. Highly trusted and highly recommended.
Adam Barsky
University of Melbourne
Pavel has been a brilliant person to work with throughout the R&D process. High levels of communication, work ethic and good naturedness have made it a pleasure doing business with him. He has an excellent knowledge of the R&D tax incentive, and a great eye for detail. As a startup, we really appreciate the time and effort Pavel has spent with us making sure what we are doing is correct and executed to a high level. Highly recommended.
Sandy Buchanan
Pavel was engaged by SecureWorx to manage our R&D Government rebate process. As a company that undertakes a great deal of R&D we were not clear on how to approach this from a taxation and rebate perspective. Pavel was engaged to lead this work. The work itself was exceptionally complex and Pavel provided leadership and a clear understanding of the rules and structure of the process. His deep understanding of the Australian taxation system approach to R&D was invaluable. His direction enabled the management team to provide the necessary information to submit our R&D submission. However, more importantly Pavel provided advice on how to restructure our approach to R&D for the future.
Philip Mulley
SecureWorx and HBT Pty Ltd
Pavel was instrumental in assisting InterfaceIT with our RND Grant applications. I would highly recommend him to any organisation seeking to apply for their first, or subsequent, RND applications.
Karl Unterlechner
SaveSolar Corporation
Whilst Dr Pavel was R&D Tax Manager at Ernst & Young he assisted us with R&D claims. I found Dr Pavel to be informative and very passionate about R&D. He always gave us the care and attention required to ensure all eligible R&D activities were identified, documented and claimed as well as keeping us up to date with any legislative changes.
Nicolas IIiomanis
ecoh Property and Asset Services
Pavel has worked closely with Servier whilst at EY, assisting with the preparation of the R&D claims. I found him competent and professional and would highly recommend Pavel to anyone who could make use of his areas of expertise.
Marek Sipowicz
WPD Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Pavel assisted our company in making a claim under the tax incentive program. Pavel ensured that we documented our claim in a fully compliant manner. This required attention to detail and a willingness to invest the time and effort to fully understand each project in order to confirm its status as a complying project. We have been left with a good template to follow. Thank you for your assistance Pavel.
David Herrington
ABCorp Australasia
Pavel has worked closely with HR3 over the past couple of years, assisting HR3 with all aspects of our Research & Development program. He took the time to understand our business, which helped us to navigate our way through a process that is not always straight forward.Pavel is extremely good at what he does, and is very thorough and professional. Just as importantly, he is very personable and easy to work with. I would highly recommend Pavel to anyone who could make use of his areas of expertise.
Rick Verloop
Pavel was fantastic to work with on our recent R&D application. He was thorough, had a very good understanding of the issues, quickly digested the necessary facts of our business and was always very prompt and helpful.
Luke Haites
Future Business Systems